Reclaimed Granite Whiskey Chilling rocks


Handmade in New Hampshire out of reclaimed granite by Sea Stones.

Square or Round Stones.

On The Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones are handcrafted, one at a time, by American artisans in New Hampshire. Each stone is cut from reclaimed granite and is given a new life and purpose -- to chill lovingly distilled fine spirits without adding dilution, impurities, or flavors.

Inspired by Scottish connoisseurs cooling their libations with stones chilled by the pure rivers and streams of Scotland, On The Rocks improves on this tradition. 

  • Ice robs flavors and aromas by deep freezing fine spirits. On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones are ideal for sipping scotch and other whiskeys and spirits at temperatures that enhance your drink without watering it down.
  • One stone is all that’s needed for the ideal chill without closing down the flavors. These stones stay cool long enough for you to leisurely enjoy your fine libation.
  • American sourced granite is exceptionally dense and stays cold longer than other stone types. Granite’s inert properties mean it never crumbles and adds no impurities, flavors, or odors to your drink, preserving its intended taste.
  • The round contours and handcrafted edges of our stones allow them to swirl smoothly around the glass without scratching. The unique shape keeps them safely and predictably on the bottom as you sip. 

How to use On The Rocks:

  1. Rinse stones and chill in the freezer in freezer tube for at least two hours.
  2. Place one stone in the tumbler.
  3. Pour in your favorite spirit and enjoy your drink without watering it down.
  4. Rinse stones and store in freezer in freezer tube.

Set of 6 granite disks or cubes come in a clear freezer tube. Wash and chill for at least 2 hours before use.

Granite color will vary and may not be as shown. 

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Diane B.
United States United States

Unique gift idea

These will be for a Valentines gift so they have not been given or used as yet. The stones are beautifully done and neatly packaged I look forward to giving them. It was a pleasure doing business with this company.

Molly D.
United States United States

Whiskey Rocks

Good!! They look nice and my husband likes. However we were a little confused if we should wet them before use because they looked a little dusty or if we just use. We also made the mistake of wetting them then putting them back in the container which caused them to freeze together. Overall they are nice!!

christa w.
United States United States

Too big for some glasses

Too big for scotch nosing glasses however works fine with whiskey and gin highballs

Cynthia G.
United States United States

Excellent Customer Service

This item is a christmas gift. Unfortunately, the wrong item was sent but your customer service is exceptional. You are sending the correct item with not extra charge to me.