Hugs Over Hate

  The "Hugs over Hate" logo was created after the Orlando Pulse shooting in 2016 by designer, Brittany Whiteman.  Brittany was inspired to spread a message of love and unity through the image.  In a world filled with hatred, violence and despair it is important to remember love is out there and if we stand together we can make the world more hopeful and united. 

In 2018 I put the logo on my staff's uniforms at my restaurant, KC's Pub, in order to spread the message and encourage good deeds in the community. 
I added #smallactsofkindnessmatter below the image to advocate kindness. I did so in honor of my sister, Kaitlin Carney, who passed away in 2007.  She was kind and empathetic.  Friends and strangers were always comforted by her smile.  All she wanted in life was to help others and I hope to spread kindness and unity for her.
Share kindness #hugsoverhate 
Mindful Goods and our wellness brand LivKind vow to donate 10% of our profits to charities who are devoted to spreading kindness, love and unity.  
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